Food Hygiene Training

Susan teaching Elementary Food Hygiene

We offer a wide range of Certified Food Hygiene and Health & Safety training courses at centres in Ayrshire and Lanarkshire or we can offer on site training at your premises or at a local venue of your choice.

All of our trainers are experienced food hygiene training professionals and practising consultants, (most are working Environmental Health Officers), with up to date knowledge in Food Hygiene as well as Health & Safety related legislation. Legislation dictates that food safety training is more essential than ever and we work with you in the understanding and implementation of this.  Below is a list of Certified training courses we offer.  We can also work with you to design bespoke training specifically to meet your business’s unique needs.  Just contact us to discuss further.


Intro to Food Hygiene                                                                    ½ day

Intro to Health and Safety                                                             ½ day

Risk Assessment- H&S                                                                   ½ day

Elementary Food Hygiene refresher                                           ½ day

Elementary Health & Safety                                                          full day

Elementary Food and Health                                                        full day

HACCP for Caterers                                                                        full day

Elementary Control of Infections                                                full day


Award in Principles of COSSH                                                     ½ day

Award in Hygiene in Health & Safety and Social Care            full day

Award in Hygiene in Health and Social Care                            ½ day

Award in Cleaning in Food Premises                                          full day


Healthier Food & Special Diets Level 1 and 2                           full day each

Fundamentals of Nutrition                                                           full day

Health Awareness                                                                           full day